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RainierDigital is based in Spokane, WA and provides a number of unique recruitment-centric services including advertising and consulting.


Our Story


RainierDigital was started in 2009 by Travis Scott as a side business that provided digital marketing services such as SEO, advertising and social media to small businesses. In 2014, Travis decided to leave his full-time role as a Staffing Consultant at Microsoft to focus all of his time and energy on what he was most passionate about – advertising.


As the advertising services offered by Facebook, Google and Bing began to evolve, Travis realized a huge opportunity existed for recruiting organizations to take advantage of these platforms to not only target new candidates but also stay top-of-mind with candidates they have engaged with in the past. Pipelining and other process-oriented consulting dovetails perfectly into the targeting that’s available on the ad platforms.




Travis Scott - RainierDigital

Travis Scott
Founder, Managing Partner


Travis is the Founder and Managing Partner of RainierDigital. Travis is responsible for RainierDigital’s strategy and new business development as well as hands-on project management and consulting with his clients.


He was a Staffing Consultant at Microsoft and brings over 12 years of recruiting experience at other companies such as, Comcast and Cricket Wireless and 6 years of advertising and marketing experience.


At Microsoft, Travis was part of the Windows Division staffing team, was a frequent contributor to the Microsoft Jobs Blog and was heavily involved in the Windows staffing social media presence.


He received a BS in Public Affairs from Indiana University and a MBA from the University of Colorado.


Travis lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife and their two dogs.