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10 Things Recruiting Managers Should Know About Ads

There are several kinds of candidates in the world. There are active candidates, the ones your recruiters are connecting with everyday. There are true passive candidates.  The ones that don’t reply to your recruiters. And then there are past or pipelined candidates. These are ones you’ve communicated with in the past. Some may have interviewed with your company. […]

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Looking for Creative Recruiting Ideas? The Answer May Be Right in Front of You 2

As a former corporate recruiter, I know that staying ahead of the competition by using new tools and creative recruiting strategies/tactics is always top of mind. With that said, one area that is often overlooked (or tried and given up on because it’s too complex or takes too much time) is advertising. I’m not talking […]

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Organic Link Building in Three Steps

There is a lot of speculation abound as to whether link building as a SEO strategy is dead. I don’t believe it is dead, but I also don’t think the old way of doing link building is a good long-term strategy. As with any SEO strategy, the key to favorable search result rankings is relevance […]

SEO Benefits of Blogs

Why Do I Need a Blog for SEO?

This is a question that I am asked by my clients and prospective clients all of the time.  I respond by giving them two primary reasons, both of which are helpful when it comes to SEO:  a) it’s an easy way to provide fresh content, b) it improves your site’s SEO for long-tail keywords. They […]