You don't have to do it alone.

Whether you're a "team of one," or managing a small marketing (or recruitment marketing) team, you don't have to feel like you're on an island.


Often, in small- to medium-sized companies with a flat org structure, if you're the Marketing Director or Manager, you're the top of the food chain when it comes to marketing strategy and execution. 


You don't have the luxury of a VP or CMO to bounce your ideas off of or to help overcome challenges.


I know because I've experienced it.


What you'll get: 

  • Nine bi-weekly coaching sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Unlimited email access (replies within one biz day)
  • A valuable problem-solving framework
  • Someone to coach you through your problems and roadblocks


You'll see a pattern with the framework I use and will be able to use it anytime you need it in the future.


It's especially valuable when coaching your own team.


The difference between coaching and mentoring or advising is coaching helps you discover the solutions and answers versus someone solving your problems for you. 


Price: $2249

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What My Clients are Saying...

Your guide to growth and confidence

"I engaged Travis when looking to grow our Recruitment Marketing Program into a formalized Team. As a result of his mentorship and coaching, I was able to build a successful business case to establish and grow our Recruitment Marketing Team from one to six dedicated headcount.


As a Team, we wouldn’t have seen near the amount success in optimizing our processes and programs in the first six months without Travis’s guidance and insight.


Travis marries his knowledge in the consumer Marketing space with his experience and passion for Recruiting, resulting in well-thought-out and innovative strategies that you will be able to take back to your organization.


If you engage Travis as a coach, you can expect to be supported, heard, and challenged. I am honored to call him a coach, mentor, and friend!”

Kelby Tansey, Recruitment Marketing Team Lead
Southwest Airlines
Kelby Tansey Testimonial (850x850)

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