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About RainierDigital

RainierDigital provides consulting, 1:1 coaching, and educational services on the topics of recruitment marketing and non-SaaS B2B marketing.

RainierDigital also provides pro bono digital marketing consulting to the Team Jack Foundation.

Travis L. Scott, Founder

Travis L. Scott, Founder of RainierDigital


Travis has had what some would refer to as a 'non-linear' and somewhat of a generalist career path resulting from a natural curiosity and love of learning. 

He has over 10 years of marketing-related experience, preceded by significant corporate recruiting experience sprinkled with a little sales and account management here and there.

Travis has lived in Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles, but now calls Spokane, WA home. He has an MBA in marketing from the University of Colorado-Denver and a BS in Environmental Science from Indiana University-Bloomington.