January 26, 2021

Aaron Kleyla

Aaron Kleyla - Longplay Consulting

Founder of Longplay Consulting LLC

For the past 12 years, I have spent my time between marketing and engineering roles. My approach is a balance of creative and analytical, using data to find opportunities and my creativity to align to target audiences. I am driven to improve upon the status quo. That means partnering with clients to improve their Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, and Digital Marketing in general. My curiosity proves to be extremely useful when reviewing a website, a landing page, or creative for UX and or CRO improvement. My marketing experience includes E-Commerce for B2C and B2B, higher-ed, and healthcare. As an engineer I lean more mechanical with a focus on automation.

In my free time I travel to discover new places, cook, and brew / roast my own coffee. I tend to have many hobbies and I do all that I can to learn more. I research by reading, watching YouTube, and eventually trying my hand at something. This has led to starting a few businesses, cooking in unusual ways, and modifying a popcorn popper to accurately roast coffee.

My wide range of interests help me connect with people. I love working with a highly skilled team, but also do well on my own. I enjoy a challenge, breaking it down, and working towards its completion. I am rewarded by doing excellent work, but tend to expect the same from my peers. Myers-Briggs categorizes me as a INTJ, or Architect, personality. My DiSC profile says the same as I am considered a CD. This simply means that I am focused on fully understanding a situation, making an educated decision, building a structure, and delivering the best work possible, while elevating those around me.

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