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Travis L. Scott a dynamic entrepreneur (more like solopreneur), father, husband, and dog dad whose career trajectory defies conventional paths. This eclectic journey equipped him with a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and experiences, uniquely tailored by the road he's traveled.

With a career that stretches across the domains of government contracting, environmental consulting, and sales—from major corporations to nimble startups—Travis has also made his mark in recruitment, working with both boutique agencies and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft,, and Comcast.

At his core, Travis is a marketer through and through. His journey began in the world of paid media and Google Ads, evolving into roles that emphasized strategy and leadership, culminating in his position as a Director of Marketing.

Today, he leads his own agency/consultancy, delivering targeted RevOps consulting and fractional services with a focus on demand generation.

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Read this book to learn about:

  • Marketing Psychology
  • Marketing Funnels, Touchpoints & Flywheels
  • Positioning
  • Why Social Media is Not the Only Answer
  • Owning Your Audience vs Renting It
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Candidate Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Building a Recruitment Marketing Team

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"Travis did a great job at breaking down almost every channel of marketing and applying it to the candidate journey. I recommend this book to anyone looking to get into Recruitment Marketing or Employer Branding regardless of level of experience."

"This book is a godsend for companies scratching their heads about how to attract and retain talent. The answer lies in the marketer's toolbox - identifying, nurturing, acquiring, (and) measuring."

Here are just a few of the things we can talk about during your call.

  • Explore your current processes and workflows - what's working, what's not, what can we automate
  • What's your tech stack look like? What can you eliminate?
  • Where do you feel the most friction preventing you from getting where you want your revenue to be?
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