Your Processes.
Your Tech Stack.
Your Data.
Your Sales.
Your Marketing.

Are they all working together seamlessly? Delivering the results you want?

Is your marketing team creating demand or just pushing low-quality leads?

We possess unparalleled knowledge and experience in the fields of staffing and recruitment, MedTech and medical device manufacturing, environmental services, sports, and Food Tech/AgTech.

Partner with RainierDigital to create a demand generation road map with HubSpot at its core.


Friction is not your friend

Marketing and sales teams need to work together- and I don't mean marketing throws crappy leads over to the sales team.

Systems and processes are often disparate, broken, and hindered by multiple friction points.

Communication between sales and marketing is minimal, if nonexistent.

Technology, originally introduced to help, has become cumbersome and doesn’t offer the insights you need to grow demand and make sales.

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Environmental Services and Non-Profits
  • Sports
  • Food and AgTech


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Demand Consulting and HubSpot



HubSpot and Tech Stack audits.


Here are just a few of the things we can talk about during your call.

  • Explore your current sales processes and workflows - What's working? What's not?
  • What's your marketing and sales tech stack look like?
  • What are your revenue goals for the year?

What our customers say

"Travis provided wonderful leadership and direction to his team throughout his time at ISM. Due to his constant pursuit of relevant knowledge, he is able to provide great marketing insight to clients at many levels. His experience in leadership here at ISM has also added to his extensive skills in working with people at multiple levels within any sized organization."

"Travis marries his knowledge in the consumer Marketing space with his experience and passion for Recruiting, resulting in well-thought-out and innovative strategies that you will be able to take back to your organization."

HubSpot certifications:

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Resources: Blog and Book


Is a focus on perfection hurting your team?


It's time to Think Differently about recruitment. 

The function of marketing is to create change. Change in behavior. Change in perception. Change in someone's life- this includes seeking a new job.

Recruitment requires marketing.

I feel so strongly about this, I wrote a book about it!

Download a complimentary PDF version- no email required.

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