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Why Empathy Matters in Demand Gen

Empathy matters in B2B marketing and sales. How will buying your product impact someone's position and status within their company?

People buy from a place of emotion- even in B2B.

We all think we make rational decisions, but that's not often the case.

Since the future is unpredictable, we often focus on minimizing risk.

When an individual's decision could potentially harm their reputation or standing within their company, they are less likely to take that risk.

Like Donald Miller says in his book Building a Storybrand, you have to position your audience as the hero while you're their guide.

This is so important in B2B marketing and sales.

Even when there's a buying committee, someone will be an advocate for your product. Don't let them down. Their job could depend on it.

Don't sell them something you know isn't the right fit just because you need to meet your numbers for the quarter.

Their job could depend on it while you're on the beach celebrating your President's Club.

As a marketer, understand the value your product offers and the specific problem it solves. The problem that, when solved, will make your internal advocate look like a hero.

Help them envision that outcome and be able to easily communicate it to their team and you'll have happy customers who tell others about you, your LTV will increase, your sales cycle will shorten, and your profit should increase.

Emotion is a key element of demand generation and marketing.

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